Stone Fabrication Videos and Articles

  • Tornado – Prussiani Sink Hole Machines
    Prussiani TORNADO – 3 axis CNC sink cutting and polishing machine with auto-tool change. A revolutionary high production full CNC controlled router designed for optimum cutting and polishing of ..>
  • TECHNI Waterjet Cutting Machines – Combo – The Ultimate SawJet Centre
    The Work Centre with two units, saw and waterjet combined machines able to work either linked together in a single cycle or as two separate units...>
  • Discover the inside – Combined Cut from CAD
    Cad Cut with blade core drill and router...>
  • Flexijet 3D: Templating A Countertop
    Measuring with existing countertops in place? No problem with Flexijet 3D! See how easy Flexijet’s measuring process can be. Flexijet’s Next Generation laser technology means you can measure ..>
  • DS KeramiCUT-S 2020
    Running at 120 inches with 3000 rpm this 12 minute video demonstrates what this impressive machine is capable of!..>
  • GMM World
    This Is GMM World – powerful machines in action!..>
  • Extra 37 Miter Cutting
    Video demonstration of 30″ x 25″ top with mitered front apron and back/side splash...>
  • GMM eXtra CNC
    Watch this fully interpolated 5 axis movement CNC machine in action!..>
  • TITAN Fab Center – Park Insudtries
    A powerful machine that can produce 120 square feet of finished product needing only two people to operate...>
  • DS Dekton Tools – Dongsin DiaFLX
    This video features the Magic Bit for hard ceramics...>
  • Sasso Revolution Production Edge Polishing Machine
    The SASSO REVOLUTION was designed for heavy production. Equipped with two spindle groups, the REVOLUTION is capable of processing all the traditional edges, as well as finished eased edges (top ..>
  • Sasso K600 5-Axis CNC Bridge Saw
    This saw features a galvanized framework, hydraulic tilt table and state-of-the-art programming functions allowing for fully automated cutting of quartz and granite countertops...>
  • Poseidon Industries T-Rex 5 – Combination 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw and 4 Axis CNC Router
    The Poseidon T REX 5 Axis CNC Center is changing the way granite and engineered stone fabrication shops are making stone countertops. Checkout this video to see how the T-REX Dual Table is capable of ..>
  • Poseidon Industries Viking II CNC Bridge Saw
    The Viking II is the most heavy duty CNC bridge saw on the market and is available in 4 or 5 Axis. Poseidon software is intuitive and very easy to use. Specifications: Main Blade Motor : 24HP Heavy ..>
  • Absolute Black Diamond Sponsors Stone Fabricators Alliance
    Absolute Black Diamond is a Guardian Sponsor of the Stone Fabricators Alliance. The SFA is an organization comprised of fabrication and restoration professionals from around the world. The objective ..>
  • Polished Marble With Dynamite 5X
    Dynamite 5X does a great job getting that perfect marble shine! The extremely fine grained powder dissolves easily and fast in water to create  a high clarity polish. It works quickly and efficiently...>
  • Cyclone Marble Core Drill Bit
    Watch this drill bit punch through a marble slab in just 23 seconds! Uses the highest grade diamonds available. Designed so the core will pop-out as soon as the grinder is turned off. It works on all ..>
  • Cyclone Dry Wet Core Bit
    Watch how this Cyclone Core Bit drills through dry stone with ease! Redesigned for better cooling. Most effective with a center water feed. These are coring bits for extra speed and life.  ..>
  • Sector Stone and Marble Working Machines
      This video demonstrates these precision machines in action;   New generation portable routers Internal and external contours Suction cups locking the workpiece Speeds, alignment, ..>
  • Jacigua Quarry in Victoria, Brazil
      A nice video about this impressive granite quarry in Brazil.This operation uses state-of-the-art technology and helps improve the lives of local residents. Checkout our Sorma I-dia Polishing ..>
  • Top Finishing and Polishing
      The Sorma Fastline LM and I-dia MX are perfect diamond tools for all finishing needs in worktop production – granite, marble, engineered stone, porcelain and sintered surfaces. Checkout ..>
  • Dekton Blade Cutting Porcelein
    Watch this Dekton blade easily cut through porcelain. The Impulse D from Disco features premium diamonds, a sandwich core and sandwich segments. This blade is a huge hit for porcelain!..>
  • Akemi Invisible Stone Bonding
    This comprehensive video demonstrates the Akemi invisible stone bonding technique – how to set-up and use the V-Guide System with Color Bond for perfect invisible bonding. Advantages: Polished ..>
  • The Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite Stone
      Both of these are very durable products and make a superb choice for counter tops. Quartz is a very tough non-porous man-made stone that is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Quartzite is a ..>
  • Disco Shogun Blue bridge saw in action
    Watch the Shogun Blue 16″ bridge saw blade in action. “To achieve optimum cutting performance in granite and engineered stone, Disco engineers started with an internal and external design ..>
  • Why use diamond sandpaper?
    Diamond sandpaper really is the way to go! There are distinct advantages to using these pads; They are cloth backed, long lasting, ultra-flexible allowing the pad to conform to all surfaces. These ..>
  • Aggregate Map – Choosing the right diamond blade
    This map shows the basic aggregates found throughout the United States. Make sure the blade you want is specifically designed to cut the aggregate. Choosing the wrong blade will result in poor ..>
  • Blade Troubleshooting
    Quite a few things can go wrong with your cutting blades. Use this guide to help you diagnose common problems. First and foremost, always wear safety equipment and follow the manufacturer’s ..>
  • What to consider before purchasing a diamond blade
    In order to purchase the best blade for the job and avoid the frustration of buying the wrong tool, break it down; What material are you cutting? Quartzite, granite, marble, engineered stone or a ..>
  • The incredible cutting power of diamond wire
    From the quarry to the finished product – the cutting power of diamonds makes it all possible. Stone fabrication supply is all about producing tools with the finest diamonds to get this very ..>
  • Disco ACE Bridge Saw cutting test
    The Disco ACE Bridge Saw has been developed with advanced cutting technology. The blade features a sandwich core with 25mm sandwich segments and premium diamonds. It is highly effective on granite ..>