GMM Bridge Saws



Monoblock CNC 5-Axis Sawing Machine - GMM Bridge Saws


The Extra blends the ease of use of a traditional manual machine, with the high output operator free sawing cycles. GMM Bridge Saws simple and intuitive programming enables owners and operators to get the most from the machine.

You can download the Extra 400 CN2 data sheet from this link.

GMM Bridge Saws


Fully interpolated 5 axis movement with rotating head with 370° range, inclination from 0°-90°.

Hot dipped galvanized steel fixed with saw surface in high density plastic rubber matting (optional) with max blade size of 625 mm (24.6 in) and minimum blade size of 300 mm (11.8 in) with Z axis (rise and fall movement) of 400 mm (15.75 in).

The complete structure is made up of hot dipped galvanized steel structures - supplied with folding door solid panel safety barriers.

Fast and precise movements due to brushless motors with absolute encoders, recirculating ball bearing movement, precision gearboxes and interpolated axis controlled by CNC.

Electro spindle running up to 4300 rpm (6000 on request with center water feed and a 36x2 or ½” gas fitting).

Suspended pendant with 15” TFT color touchscreen. Machine is equipped with USB/Ethernet port for easy loading of programs. Stainless steel electrical panel.

Upon request the machine can also be equipped with parametric drawings, Cuts From CAD, contouring, profiling and shaping, drilling with auto tool changer with magnetic connection, digital camera to provide a jpeg of the slab on screen.

By using the integrated Vacuum head, (upon request) the machine performs automatic movement/unloading of sawn pieces, man power and raw material saving.

Some of GMM's best products include 6-AXIS shaping machines featuring ultra strong structure for block cutting limestone. Examples are; LITOX 1000 CN2, E61L 700 CN2 and ZEDA series.

Technical Data

Cutting stroke of blade (x axis) - 3,700mm

Maximum bridge translation (y axis) - 2,700mm

Maximum vertical blade travel (z axis) - 400mm

Maximum angle of tilt head (r axis) - 0-90 degrees

Maximum blade rotation (w axis) - 0-370 degrees

Maximum blade diameter - 300-625mm

Maximum cutting depth - 205mm

Blade hole diameter - 50-60mm

Blade locking flange diameter - 213mm

Table dimension - 2,250-2,400x3,800mm

Power of the blade motor - 13 (S6)Kw

Blade speed - 800-4,300-6,000rpm

Slide cut speed (x axis) - 0-35m/min

Bridge translation speed (y axis) - 0-35m/min

Vertical movement speed (z axis) - 0-7,5m/min

Water consumption at 3 bar - 40l/min

Total machine mass - 4,200kg

Machine packing dimensions - 20' O.T. container

GMM Bridge Saws
Absolute Black Diamond Bridge Saws

Single cut

Multiple cuts

Inclined cuts / mitre

Orthogonal cuts / Polygons

Circumferences / Arches

Optional Features

Cuts from cad.

Contouring 2D.

Tool diameter control.

Slab thickness reader.

Camera on board.

Optical template copier.

Center water feed motor.

Magnetic tool changer.

Parametric program.

Vacuum system.

Hydraulic tilting table.

Bridge saws



Monoblock CNC 5-Axis Sawing Machine - GMM Bridge Saws


You can download the Extra 480 CN2 data sheet from this link.

GMM Extra 480 Sawing Machine

Technical Data

370° rotating head, 90° tilting head.

Hydraulic tilting table driven by hydraulic cylinder with dedicated hydraulic power unit, structure in hot-dip galvanized steel with PVC cover.

Blade up to 625 mm (25 inches) diameter driven by inverter.

Vertical stroke (Z axis) of 480 mm (16 inch).

The main structures of the machine are in hot galvanized steel.

Automatic lubrication.

Sliding Safety barriers with polycarbonate panels with high visibility.

High speed, maximum precision thanks to brushless motors with absolute encoders, recirculating ball guides, helical rack and pinion (on request) and precision gearboxes, interpolation of the axes with CNC.

6000 rpm electrospindle on request with shaft drilled for water passage.

Vacuum system with 3 sections.

Four position magnetic tool changer for auto changing core bits and router tools.

Side Aggregate Spindle. 4 kw

New Ergonomic Panel 21” multitouch LED colour display with integrated machine controls, programming and control unit, USB port, LAN connection and remote service system.