Flexijet 3D Laser Measuring System

Features : Measuring points are directly linked to meaningful arrangements using CAD drawing commands. The finished CAD drawing is produced during on-site measurement, without lengthy post-processing, as is necessary with point clouds. In the process, “measured” elements such as walls, doors, arches or entire room situations are created as precise three-dimensional CAD drawings on site.

Benefits : With Flexijet 3D, literally everyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take measurements and assess dimensions accurately to the millimeter.


Product Information

Flexijet 3D

Intuitive user guidance through wizards
Touch mode for easy operation on tablet PCs with touch operation (Windows)
Pole tracking, snap and raster functions
Freely definable dimension styles
Layer-based floor and room management for a better overview
Symbol libraries with electrical, kitchen and sanitary symbols
Surveying hard-to-reach points (such as hidden walls)
Soldering points and transmitting heights (for example, meter levels)
Importing AutoCAD blocks
Optional interface direct to the CNC machine